Gluten and Dairy Free Bread Recipe

Jul 10, 2012
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Food intolerances are very common, in fact Allergy UK estimates that 45% of people in the UK suffer from food intolerance symptoms. Typical symptoms include stomach cramps and bloating but can also include migraines and skin rashes.

Symptoms come on fairly slowly and are long lasting, sensitivity varies from person to person, some people may only need a tiny amount of the food for their symptoms to flair up.

It’s possible to be intolerant to more than one type of food which can make it difficult to identify problem causing food. Unfortunately, for some strange reason we often crave the problem food, therefore if you suffer these symptoms it may be a good idea to follow a process of elimination on food to try and discover what is causing your discomfort.

At Ragdale Hall Health Hydro in Leicestershire you may book a Food Sensitivity Test & Nutritional Consultation with Dr Heli Ots to assess your diet and possible symptoms and hopefully get to the bottom of what’s causing you discomfort.

Two of the main culprits in causing us these uncomfortable symptoms are dairy (found in yoghurts, soft cheeses etc.) and gluten (found in bread, crackers etc.)

If you discover you do have an intolerance to any type of food, you should reduce or stop altogether eating that food for a while or possibly for life, depending on what a professional recommends.

If, like me, bread (one of the main culprits) makes up a substantial proportion of your diet (toasted at breakfast, filled with a wide variety of salad, meat and fish for lunch and occasionally at dinner time too with soup or pasta) it may be very hard to cut out.

Not anymore! With this delicious recipe for Gluten and Dairy Free Bread, a favourite amongst our guests, you can still have your beloved bread minus the pain!

Makes approx 15 rolls

6 x large whole eggs

375 ml light olive oil

1kg Doves gluten free bread flour

¼ tea-spoon salt

50g caster sugar

25g chopped fresh basil

110g fresh yeast

755 ml Soy – milk


Preheat the oven to 180’ Celsius

In a mixer with the spade attachment, mix the eggs and olive oil.

Add the flour, salt, sugar, and herbs and mix to a smooth paste.

In a separate bowl mix the yeast and soymilk, add this to the mixer in a steady stream.

Pipe this mix into greased muffin trays and allow proving in a warm place for 20 minutes.

Bake @ 180 Celsius for 20 – 22 mins.

Please let us know what you think of it once you’ve had chance to make the recipe by leaving us a comment. Also feel free to share any tips you may have on tackling intolerances.

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  1. Sandy Brown says:

    Please could I have the recipe for Spicy Sweet Potato Soup. Stayed at the Hall from 18th – 21st June and had it one evening – Delicious!!

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