Getting ready for your red-carpet moment

Feb 13, 2013
Posted in: Health & Beauty   Posted by: Tracy

On average, women take 54 minutes to get ready for a night out. Does that sound about right for you? Or are you more used to hitting the two hour mark while your other half whines at you from the sofa?

However long you take, you can bet it’s not half as long as most A-listers. During awards season, the whole process of getting ready for a big event, like last weekend’s BAFTA’s or Grammy’s, can take several weeks. Your fella should consider himself lucky you only need several hours.

For a big red-carpet moment, stars will spend a lot of time (and money of course!) making sure they look their best. While you might not like the sound of punishing sessions with a personal trainer or seriously strict diets, if you have a big night coming up, take some tips from the celebs and indulge yourself in some of our treatments. You never know, it might help you get ready faster on the actual night, although obviously we can’t guarantee that!

Come and visit us and indulge in one of our spa days. There are plenty to choose from so you will be able to find one that suits you perfectly. From our Chill Out and Pure Bliss Days that will give you the chance to de-stress and unwind before an event, to our Pure Detox Day that will give you a boost before you hit the town, there is a spa day to suit everyone.

We also offer many quick fix beauty treatments such as HD brows, or ultra glamorous Let’s Go Lashes and Shellac long lasting nail colour.  These treatments will leave you looking effortlessly glamorous for your big night.  Even without the kind of budget the celebs have, it is still possible to treat yourself and ensure you feel confident and ready to turn some heads and dance the night away.

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