Get to the root of scalp and hair problems

Mar 18, 2015
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The experts in Ragdale’s Hair Studio have teamed with the original natural haircare brand, Phyto, to launch two new services on their hair menu: Scalp Analysis and the Ragdale Signature Volume Blow-dry.

Phyto, the first brand ever to use plants in their hair products, believes skincare doesn’t stop at the hairline and introduced a high tech scalp analysis to their consultations. And all this week, this great new service is available to try – free of charge – right here in Ragdale’s Beauty Express Hair Studio, making us the first salon in Leicestershire to offer it.

Using a special camera linked to a computer screen, the scalp analysis shows images of the scalp magnified up to 600 times. Our Phyto-trained Ragdale therapists can then accurately prescribe the right to suit your condition, using Phyto’s 95 per cent natural products. These products are formulated to treat a problem rather than simply cover it up, focusing on maintaining a healthy scalp to grow better hair naturally.

And if you have collar-bone or longer length locks, why not try the new Ragdale Signature Volume Blow-dry, which will give your hair incredible bounce and volume.

A scalp analysis takes around 15 minutes, and is FREE, but must be booked in advance.

The Hair Studio is open to the public as well as Ragdale guests. Call 01664 433052 to book your appointment.


2 responses to “Get to the root of scalp and hair problems”

  1. Helen Sam says:

    How much is your scalp analysis ?
    What products do you have for very dry itchy scalp ?

    • Joni Appleton says:

      Hi Helen,
      I would recommend calling the salon directly and they will be able to advise you on this and on products: 01664 433052. Thanks.

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