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Jan 10, 2011
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With the peal of the New Year’s bells still echoing in our ears and memories of the surfeit of goodies we’ve consumed over the festive period haunting our consciences, the start of January is certainly a propitious time to be thinking about how best to get (and/or remain!) healthy over the coming 12 months.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the interim Chief Medical Officer for England, summed it up recently when she said: “The new year is a great time to think about making some small changes to be a little bit healthier. My simple tips are to be a bit more active and to eat a little more healthily.”

She continued: “Ideally we should be doing 30 minutes of exercise five times a week – or an hour a day for children. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful – you could take the dog for a walk or play with your kids in the park. Anything that gets your heart pumping. And we should try to eat five portions of fruit and veg every day.”

It all sounds so absolutely achievable when you put it in those straightforward terms, doesn’t it? However, for many of us the biggest hurdle when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle is actually getting started. As keen exponents of the “mañana, mañana” mantra, we struggle to shrug off the age-old “diet starts tomorrow” syndrome.

What we really need in January is something to kick-start our campaign – something to inspire and motivate us to take that all-important first step along the path to a better way of life. A visit to a top day spa, for example!

The ideal spa environment embodies everything that is positive about a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it offer you a genuine escape from the stresses and strains of family and professional life, it also provides you with valuable “time out” – a rare opportunity to reflect on the changes required to improve your overall personal wellbeing.

It’s safe to say that even the most stressed of health spa guests begins to unwind and feel fabulous after a few hours spent relaxing beside the soothing blue waters of a spa lagoon. That’s after they’ve boogied their way through an energetic dance session and then had all their worldly cares massaged away in a haze of sweet-smelling exotic oils.

Fortunately, the fantastic feeling of wellness that results from a carefully balanced blend of exercise, pampering and healthy eating provides the perfect incentive when it comes to encouraging people to make changes in their lifestyle.

And the good news is that an inspirational spa experience is only a phone call away, so there’s no need to let lethargy deflect us from our personal quest for wellness. Let’s all make “seize the (spa) day” our mantra for 2011!

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