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Aug 07, 2013
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British sport has gone through a bit of a purple patch in the last couple of years.

The Olympic success of 2012 – 65 medals were won, the best tally of medals recorded by Britain at any Olympics since 1908 – and Andy Murray’s recent Wimbledon victory, have combined to inject the feelgood factor back into British sport.

But for many, the legacy of these triumphs serves as a different kind of inspiration – the stimulus to get fit.

Fundamentally, getting in shape, regardless of the time of year, comes down to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise; if you’re not used to exercising, though, it can be difficult to get into a healthy routine.

However, there are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure you stay in shape all year round:

Stay on the move

Obviously, staying physically active is crucial when trying to get in shape – and not only does it make you look good, you’ll reap the benefits of feeling great! Whether you exercise by running on a treadmill at the gym or by taking your dog for a long walk, regular cardiovascular activity is key.

Discover fitness breaks

Far from being a break from fitness, a fitness break at Ragdale Hall means you can inject a bit of fun into your regular exercise routine, while experiencing all the best treatments our luxurious spa is renowned for. During your visit, you can take advantage of our state of the art fitness facilities to work up even more of a sweat before you head home feeling rejuvenated.

Head for the beach

With the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing, many of us will head to the beach to cool down and have some fun. But while you’re there you can go for a long walk along the sands or kick around a football with the kids – the perfect way to stay fit AND have some fun at the same time.

If you would like to know more about the range of fitness breaks we offer here at Ragdale, please get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

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