Get a perfect summer sun tan…

Jul 09, 2013
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Even if you have to fake it!

We’re enjoying some beautiful sunny weather at the minute (fingers crossed it lasts), however there are many reasons why lots of us don’t get the chance to get an all over glowing natural tan.  It may be that you’re an English Rose and don’t tan very easily or your workload keeps you stuck indoors, or you have small children that need to be kept in the shade.  Don’t worry though, below is an easy to follow step-by-step guide from Lauren, our Clarins Specialist on the easiest and best way to fake it.

The first thing you need to do is prepare your skin for you false tan to go on. Ensure you wax 1-2 days in advance, or shave at least 12 hours beforehand. This will give your skin time to calm down and your pores to settle before you apply the fake tan.

Exfoliation is very important before tanning, it will buff away dry dead skin cells from your body. Do not use an exfoliator with an oil base, as the oil will act as a barrier and stop your tan taking to your skin. Clarins Skin Smoothing Body Scrub is perfect to use before tanning, it contains bamboo extras to brighten skin. Take a generous amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage into your skin using circular movements all over your body, particularly concentrating on knees, elbows, ankles and any other dry patches you may have.

Continue to prepare your skin by lightly moisturising your body about 20 minutes before you apply your tan. Again use an oil free moisturiser.  Clarins Satin Smooth Body Lotion would work perfectly, it contains Shea butter which will help stop your tan drying your skin out and maintain your tan for longer.

Make sure you securely tie your hair back in a bun and wear a headband to prevent any stray strands from getting in your face.

One of the biggest giveaways of fake tan is orange palms and brown nails. Avoid these little mishaps by using disposable gloves. Once your body’s done, simply take off the gloves not forgetting to tan your hands afterwards. Apply a small amount to the back of one of your hands, then rub the back of your hands together.  Don’t forget the sides of your fingers.

Once you have tanned everywhere wipe over nails and eye brows with damp cotton wool.

To make your healthy glow last longer, gently exfoliate twice a week this will keep your skin soft and make your tan fade more evenly so you can top it up at any point. Always pat your skin dry with a towel after a bath or shower, never rub as it will affect your tan, also moisture daily with your oil free body cream.

If you’d rather take a more simpler and steady approach, why not try a gradual tanner like the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow.  This will allow you to have a natural glow all year round. Simply moisturise your body generously with this tan once a day until you are happy with your colour, then maintain your tan by applying a couple of times a week.

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