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Jun 05, 2014
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Let us put the fun factor back into fitness and take the fear out!  With a wide range of fitness events at Ragdale Hall in 2014, you’ll find something for every size, shape, ability and strength.

Whether you’re a Pilates Penny, Walking Wendy or Running Rachel, our events offer activities at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Whatever your goal, be it to lose weight, improve your skills or try something new, Ragdale Hall really is the perfect place to get your fitness fever fix in 2014.  With the combination of highly qualified trainers, expert advice, fun and informative classes plus healthy delicious cuisine and world class spa facilities, what is there to lose?  Except maybe a few inches from your waist-line!

Our specialist fitness breaks in 2014 kick-off with:

**NEW** Walk to Fitness
Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th August 2014

Improve your health with one of the most accessible and cheapest (actually it’s free!) forms of exercise.  Scientific research proves that walking can improve your overall fitness level and control your weight.  Regular walking can reduce risks of heart attack, stress, osteoporosis and even cancer – a shopping list of health improvements that we’d all be rushing out to buy, were it possible!

This unique event, once again, led by Ragdale’s own award winning fitness expert and author, Dean Hodgkin, will introduce you to varied fun group sessions such as Nordic Walking, XCO Walk, Weight Loss Walkout and Walk’n’Tone – all of which promise to show you how to push yourself to achieve your goals, the most effective way of burning calories and how to sculpt your body along the way.

You will be entertained in the evening with One Step at a Time and Easy, Healthy, Delicious – presentations to enlighten and empower you to stay on the right track once you have returned home.

Ragdale Running Breaks


Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th September 2014

A unique activity break designed to help and motivate regular runners!

If you have already discovered the joys of running and now aim to improve your personal best in your next marathon or have just committed yourself to a charity fun run and want to do yourself proud, Run For It is for you.

“The trainer was fantastic and I was able to go at my pace with no pressure – well worth doing and will definitely do it again.”

“Enjoyed the course – I got a lot out of the experience and hopefully will be able to build on this for the future.”

“Very enjoyable, motivational and informative.” 

Pilates Retreat

Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th October 2014

Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th February 2015*

The programme for 2014 has been refreshed with new content and sessions.

Join a small select group led by one of the UK’s most sought after Pilates teachers and presenters. Whether you are a beginner or regularly practise Pilates, Cherry Baker, ably assisted by Sheila Done, will guide you through a number of sessions to help you improve your technique and posture and learn more about the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of this type of exercise.

Cherry specialises in core stability, back care and Modern Pilates which is a contemporary and updated approach to Pilates exercise designed by Cherry and two physiotherapists. It will condition and tone the body by working the muscles from the inside out, creating a stronger flatter mid section, improved posture, muscle balance, realigning the spine and improving both the function and appearance of the body.

The retreat consists of four varied Pilates sessions (including one pool based) choice of a talk or Pilates Stretch Session each evening plus two 25 minutes treatments.

“Pilates Retreat trainers were excellent, very warm, inviting and knowledgeable. Classes were excellent too.”

“It was magnificent.  It was my first trip to Ragdale and will not be my last.  Cherry was absolutely brilliant.  I do regular Pilates and understood the concept of all the instructions, but Cherry made it clear for all levels.”

* Prices and content to be confirmed later.

**NEW** Weight Loss Kickstart

Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd November 2014

Want to win at losing?

At Ragdale Hall, we’re stripping weight loss back to the basics and giving you the knowledge and confidence to adopt an exercise regime and healthy eating plan that suits you.  Sessions include ME Time which shows you how to maximise hormonal responses, Cellulite Circuit, WOW; how using weights can change your shape quicker and Fat Fighter which will help build self-confidence PLUS seminars Slim Hopes & Fat Chances and Why Weight.

This ground-breaking event is led by Ragdale’s own award winning fitness expert and author, Dean Hodgkin.  Dean’s approach to weight loss is simple; increase activity levels and eat healthier.  We can’t promise you’ll be a size smaller when you leave the Hall, as we all know that fast weight loss in a short time is unhealthy and unsustainable; however we will ensure, when you leave, you’ll have taken the first steps on the path of your healthy new life!

Dancercise Break    

Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th November 2014

You’ve watched the series, now try the moves……and shape up at the same time! Mambo, jive and belly dance through a jam packed timetable of themed classes.

“The dance break has been excellent – such fun!  Looking forward to next year.”

“Instructors extremely good at explaining dance routines and made it fun.”

“Enthusiastic, energising and great choreography”

“The dancercise Fitness Team deserved a special mention – they all made the break lots of fun.”

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