From jungle to pond……?

May 07, 2015
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At Ragdale Hall we are lucky to have a very dedicated Maintenance Team working extremely hard to keep the interiors of the Hall looking in great shape.  If, and when, areas do begin to look tired, you can guarantee they’re already at the top of the Maintenance Team’s to-do lists.

The guys had a very tough call on one of their most recent projects.  An area that was looking tired, however still managed to wow many of our guests – the Verandah Bar Loos!

Due to the wow-factor and importance of them – all our guests will need to visit them at some point during their stay – we were a little reluctant to change, however we’re thrilled with the end result.  We hope you like their transformation from jungle to pond!

The stunning dragonfly wallpaper was chosen with the beautiful wildlife we have here at Ragdale in mind.  And the Koi carp paper is in honour of our little fishy friends in the moat!

You see, whether it’s a bathroom that needs a revamp, bedrooms ready for a makeover or loos that want a new look, the team take pride in everything they do and love to create something beautiful for our guests to look at.

And it’s not always the interior they work on, Rob has been busy re-tiling the Outdoor Pool.  This task has been a little more difficult than originally thought which means it’s taken a little longer than expected, or so Rob tells us, however we think he’s perhaps been enjoying the sunniest April on record a bit too much – and who would blame him!

With sunny April gone, May was cold and wet and more tiles were needed than originally thought so the project will not be completed until later in June, however guests are still welcome to use the surrounding area and the changing rooms.

Here’s how it’s looking so far…

13 responses to “From jungle to pond……?”

  1. Jackie Jermin says:

    Looks fab but the jungle theme in loos was always going to be a challenge to beat. Hope that I will get to try out the pool this summer. Top marks for always giving me something different to enjoy on my stays with is like coming home on each visit.

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow, I love the dragon flies, although sad to see the safari theme go. Can’t wait to see them in September.

  3. Tracy says:

    Just booked to come at the end of September and will definitely be making a visit to check them out!!

  4. Sarah Keen says:

    Oh no! The leopard loo has gone 🙁 i didn’t think it would be long but it was always great fun to have the jungle theme. The new ones look lovely though of course.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Moving the animal print is a serious error! You need to put animal print somewhere else either in every room or are many rooms. How about cushions and throws? How about an animal print bedroom? Can you tell we love animal print! X it is timeless! Love from the Ragdale regulars from Hale

  6. Hilary says:

    How can you cahnge my favourite toilets!! have to admit they were getting a little past their best but part of the wonderful feeling on arrival was having a quick peak to check the animals were still there…
    I will just have to adapt and enjoy the dragoflies

  7. Philippa says:

    Nooooo! I can’t believe my favourite loos have bitten the dust! I loved the big cat print 🙁
    These new ones better be pretty awesome!

  8. Patti says:

    Sob! I can’t believe they’re gone! My husband used to tire of my waxing lyrical about how fabulous they were and to just have a sneak peak when no-one was looking. My worry now is that the theme may spread to one of my favourite spots, the Verandah Lounge with its understated safari elegance of a time gone by. I hope not!!

  9. Julie Meredith says:

    Oh no I am gutted that my beloved jungle room has gone! I make straight for that as soon as I arrive. Do you have any of the paper or border left so I can recreate at home??

  10. hil says:

    Shame the jungle has gone but love the look if the new theme. Well done!!

  11. Kate Hooley says:

    I too was was gutted when I visited recently, and popped into the best loos in the Midlands to find Simba had been eaten by goldfish! Nooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!

  12. Gemma Ashton says:

    We were there when the koi paper went up and we thought we’d walked into the wrong room! Devastated to lose the jungle prints, they were our first port of call. Can you do something with the powder room instead as it feels so cold and dreary in there?

  13. Caroline H says:

    Devastated – just isn’t the same now.
    I have just discovered a summer dress of mine that is very reminiscent of the black leopard wallpaper (except my dress has elephants and not leopards). I am very tempted to come to the Hall wearing it with a leopard print scar around my neck (ie my neck goes through the hole). Yep – a one woman tribute to the Veranda Bar Loo!

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