Five steps to achieve the perfect summer make-up look

Jul 20, 2018
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This week we caught up with our Beauty Shop Skincare and Make-up Specialist, Jess, who put together this beautiful summer make-up look for our lovely model Amber.
We’ve detailed below a step-by-step guide of how the look was achieved and what products were used, so you can give it a go yourself!


Step 1 – Pre-Make-up Prep

The first step to a flawless make-up finish is good prep.

  1. Clarins – One Step Cleanser RRP £21 – a bi-phase product that’s a quick and efficient way to cleanse and tone your skin and comes in a single bottle. Like oil and vinegar, bi-phase products house two separate formulas that when shaken together can work magic, so don’t forget to ‘shake to wake’!
  1. Clarins – Instant Eye Make Up Remover RRP £20 – Another bi-phase product, this cleanser contains an oil which helps remove stubborn mascara and eye liner.
  1. Clarins – Brightening Toner RRP £26 – This contains natural plant acids which will help eat away dead skin cells to leave your skin bright and flawless for a great base of make up to sit on.
  1. Clarins – Double Serum 30ml RRP £57 – It’s the number one, multi-award-winning, anti-ageing serum in the UK, and we can understand why. This serum will help to hydrate, plump and soften the skin. One of the key ingredients is turmeric root, and it’s job is to amplify the effects of the 21 plant extracts contained within this must-have formula.
  1. Clarins – Hydra Essential for normal to combination skin RRP £36  This keeps the skin hydrated but focuses also on balancing combination skin.

“With good skin you’ll always succeed in having that perfect flawless finish make up” – Jess

Step 2 – Face 

  1. Mii Smoothing Face Prep RRP £21 – This primer helps to hold onto your foundation, making it last longer but also stops the foundation from falling into open pores and fine lines and wrinkles.
  1. Mii Absolute Face Base Shade 00- Full Coverage Foundation RRP £26.50 – Helps to hide any blemishes and give a full flawless look without looking too heavy.
  1. Mii Brow Duo in the shade medium RRP £22.95 – This product comes in a small pot with a brush that you can choose to create a soft or dramatic look. Amber’s brows are pretty well shaped already, so they only needed a slight shading to enhance them and frame her face even further.

“Good brows will create the shape of your face and can naturally make us look younger” – Jess

Step 3 – Eyes

  1. Clarins Ombré Matte Rosewood Eye Shadow RRP £19 – Provides the smoky effect achieved on Amber’s eyes. Start light with the colour and then brush into the socket (outside in). Use circular motions to blend the colour and continue to build until you get the look and effect desired.
  1. Mii One and Only Eye Colour – Flutter RRP £15.50 – Applied on the eyelid itself to help pop Amber’s green eyes. To add a bit of glitz, apply a small amount of Mii Shimmer and Sparkle Dust RRP £ 19.95 on the eyelids on top of the colour. This will give a subtle yet glamorous look and make your eye colour pop even more.
  1. Clarins Intense Brown Eye Liner RRP £17.50 – A light application under the eye.
  1. Clarins Mascara Supra Volume RRP £22 – This super mascara makes your lashes look fuller.


Step 4 – Back to the face

  1. Clarins Instant Concealer in Shade 01 RRP £22.50 – Applied under the eyes in a v shape to highlight and brighten the area. Use a patting motion with the brush to blend and protect the delicate under eye area.
  1. Clarins Bronzing Duo 01 RRP £30 – Applied in a figure of three to create a soft but effective contour effect (around the hair line, under the cheek bone and under the jaw line). 
  1. Clarins Blush Prodige in Sweet Rose RRP £27 – A touch of this was used on the apples of Amber’s cheeks with a slight fade up towards temples.
  1. Mii Light Loving Illuminator in the shade Leading Lady RRP £18.95– This highlighter should be lightly applied to the tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the cupids bow (just above the lip) to leave the face looking dewy in the right places.


Step 5 – For the Lips

  1. Clarins Lip Liner 01 RRP £18 – A nude toner lip-liner which helps to enhance the lip shape and prevent lipstick from bleeding. It’s also great if your lipstick wears off during the day as the nude shade means you won’t be able to notice the liner as much.
  1. Clarins Lipstick in Petal Pink RRP £22 – Avoid intense shades and opt for soft colours with a slight gloss shine to enhance fullness in the lips. This beautiful, subtle shade used on Amber finishes off the perfect summer look.
  1. Clarins Fix It Make Up Spray RRP £24 – This is the final touch to set the make-up in place. The spray contains rose which helps to keep the face hydrated meaning it can be applied more than once during the day/evening.


Did you know…the Beauty Shop hold regular Make-up Masterclasses. A £10 charge applies, however this is redeemable against the purchase of one make-up product. Please enquire at the Beauty Shop.

Jess and the rest of the team are also on hand to offer any skincare and make-up advice or can colour match any make-up products to your skin.

If you’d like to purchase any of the products featured in this blog post and recreate your own gorgeous summer make-up look, call our Beauty Shop Skincare and Advice line on 01664 434411 ext. 303 or email


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