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Mar 22, 2016
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We know when people think of Ragdale they instantly think of fluffy white robes, the aroma of essential oils and generally floating around, from one pool or relaxation area to another.

So why have two of the UK’s top fitness trainers recently been here?

Well, it’s because one of Ragdale’s lesser known but no less impressive offerings is our range of fitness activities – and our top notch team of instructors.

As well as the well-equipped gym and exercise pools, there are around 18 fitness classes running throughout the day, every day. And we don’t just mean bums and tums or spinning. At Ragdale, our fitness consultant Dean Hodgkin makes sure there are new and innovative sessions available (Primal Moves, Aroma Ball or Drums Alive anyone?), offering something fresh for even the most seasoned gym-goer.

And did you know we offer a range of exercise-focused two-night breaks to suit all kinds of interests and levels of fitness, including Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Running and Dancercise?

So, we welcomed Mr Boxercise himself, Andy Wake, to Ragdale, and he put our Fitness Team through some rigorous training which will make their personal training sessions with guests pack even more of a punch. Andy started Boxercise in 1992 and there are now more than two million people worldwide taking part in the sport – a blend of boxing and fitness. It’s fair to say I saw our very well-toned team really sweating by the end of the training with Andy!

Katie Bulmer-Cooke then joined us in the studio for some motivation. A force to be reckoned with in helping real women get in shape, personal trainer and motivational coach Katie is perhaps best-known for appearing on BBC’s The Apprentice in 2014 – although she also has a host of accolades and a first-class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Development to her name.

She described our Fitness Team as: “A great team, full of enthusiasm and total love for their jobs” – which we’re rather happy about, adding: “It’s rare to see such great, cutting edge variety all on one group fitness timetable and all taught to an exceptional standard. High five Team Ragdale!” (and she said some great things about our customer service too!)

So next time you’re planning a visit, why not squeeze in a bit of exercise too and feel all virtuous and revived as you snuggle into your fluffy white robe afterwards? Or go for it and try one of our fitness breaks – our Fitness Team promise to make sure you have fun; our instructors are determined to not only put sweat on your brow, but also a smile on your face. What more could you ask for?

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