Festival Weekend vs Spa Weekend

Jun 27, 2013
Posted in: Ragdale Hall News   Posted by: Tracy

It’s the time of year music lovers live for. Yep, get the tent out of storage, find your most distasteful poncho and make sure your wellies aren’t leaking, because it’s the festival season!

Okay, so we’ll admit it – festivals can be great fun when there’s a top quality line-up and the weather’s good for the entire weekend. But really, how often do both of them ring true at the same time?

If you’ve had one too many negative festival experiences, why not ditch the idea for a year and enjoy a relaxing weekend here at Ragdale Hall instead?

Considering the prices you have to pay just for festival tickets these days (that’s not including the extortionate food and drink prices once you arrive) you might just find that it’s a more cost-effective solution, with more benefits for you.

We probably don’t need to explain how much more relaxing a mud wrap is compared to simply running around in a muddy field! It’s also a lot kinder on your skin – but you knew that anyway.

Similarly, instead of avoiding the showers for a few days in the sweltering heat or pouring rain, wouldn’t you rather visit our Thermal Spa? There, you’ll be able to rinse away the strain in our cave shower, volcanic salt bath or waterfall pool, depending on your own preferences.

Oh yes, and instead of working your feet to the bone by traipsing about in unflattering wellies, how about treating yourself to an Elemis Sole Delight Foot Treatment that’s guaranteed to leave you feel like you’re walking on air?

When you stop and think about it, there really isn’t much of a contest! Everyone needs to go to at least one festival in their lifetime, but if you’ve already filled your quota, we reckon you’ll have a better time with us!

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