Feline Therapy

Aug 02, 2011
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Instinctively, we have long been aware that humanity’s feline fascination goes far beyond the simple pleasure of a purring companion, and with recent reports confirming the therapeutic benefits of our furry friends being near us, it is now proved.

Our lovely cat Raggles

Whilst the positive psychological effects of cat ownership have always been evident, only recently has researcher Elizabeth von Muggenhaler, a specialist in the field of bioacoustics, certified the significance of its healing purr. And there could be no greater example of feline excellence than the notoriously endeared Raggles of Ragdale Hall, always on the prowl to offer a purr and personal touch to the health spa’s proceedings. Though the latter is by no means lacking in all other aspects of relaxation, from Colour Flow Caves to Candle Pools, the physical power of the purr is not to be underestimated.

With Muggenhaler’s research showing that exposure to felid frequencies between 20 to 50 Hz is proven to promote bone strength and fracture healing, (as well as the remediation of respiratory illnesses), Raggles’ designated armchair has never been more deserved. Nor has Ragdales’ status as one of the best spas in Britain.

Raggles and her therapeutic virtues, along with all the other amazing health, well-being and fitness amenities we have here at Ragdale Hall, are what make it truly unique. In fact, some would say that Ragdale Hall is the purrfect home for a cat like Raggles.

And here she is having a cat nap!

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