Facial Pilates – for a natural face lift

May 16, 2017
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Ragdale Hall’s Decleor expert and leader of our Decleor team, Jo, recently told us a little more about Decleor’s new Facial Pilates massage technique, and the benefits of Magnolia. We found it really interesting and hope you do too.

Decléor’s latest anti-ageing innovations…

If you’re one of the many UK women concerned about the effects ageing has on your skin, might we suggest this little gem from Decléor.

The Decléor Ultimate Age Defying Facial has recently been updated to include Decléor’s new targeted anti-ageing OrExcellence products, as well as a unique massage technique which is like a Pilates workout for your face!

The OrExcellence Range

As we become older and the cellular renewal process slows down, there is a loss of facial density and skin can be dull. To combat this, Decléor have five new products all containing Magnolia essential oil, designed to re-shape, re-cushion and give revived rosy skin.

Magnolia essential oil is extracted from the flower petals of the Magnolia tree which is thought to be one of the oldest plant species on earth (a little ironic, don’t you think). The exotic floral fragrance is said to lift your mood. In their latest anti-ageing range, Decléor have drawn on Magnolia’s age defying properties to regenerate skin that is lacking facial volume and firmess, with deep lines and wrinkles.

In clinical trials, Decléor have found that applying Magnolia essential oil daily increases the production of the most abundant collagen in the skin by 212% after just 78 hours. It also boosts decorin and fibrin which, along with collagen, are the proteins in the skin responsible for the elasticity and density which decrease with age.

Facial Pilates Massage

The latest anti-ageing massage technique created by massage expert Chico Shigeta is imagined like a Pilates class for the face to deliver a natural lift. It involves an energetic massage on key dermis-supporting muscles to visibly lift, remodel and re-densify the entire face. Strengthening from within, skin becomes less sensitive and satin-smooth with a new freshness and luminosity.

And here’s a little clip showing the Facial Pilates Massage technique in action.


Don’t know about you but just watching the video makes us feel thoroughly relaxed! zzzz

If a facial with instant lifting results is what you seek then we recommend you give this a go.  £88 for 80 minutes.  Call 01664 433043 to book or visit our Treatments page for more info.

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