Even the ponds get pampered at Ragdale

May 15, 2015
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Andrew, Head Gardener and his fantastic team have been renovating the pond area in the Walled Garden over the last few months.

The photographs below were taken at various stages of the project.

For our green-fingered guests; here’s some information on the planting from Andrew (you can recreate this in your own garden now!).

‘We have updated the planting around the new ponds but tried to avoid making it too themed.

‘The main border comprises Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple) to give it height.  The under-planting includes herbaceous perenials in warm colours e.g. blues of Agapanthus, reds of Monarda and Azalea.  We’ve also included lavender for scent.  The planting is purposefully low to enable the water to be clearly seen and to avoid too much debris falling in the ponds.

‘The border nearest the conservatory door is planted with bamboo and grasses.  We’ve also chosen Hostas, Primulas and Ligularias as they enjoy shady spots and look good near water, especially with their tall yellow spikes.

‘The new border on the opposite side of the pond is planted in contrast with a range of tall ornamental grasses such as Stipa.  Look out for their tall purple plumes in late summer and autumn.’


The pond nearest to The Greenhouse has been reduced in size to make way for some new terrace furniture.  This furniture will be added once the project is complete and the area will be lit making it a beautiful spot to enjoy as the nights warm up a little (fingers crossed).

All the fish are waiting for is some new pumps to be installed and then they can be welcomed to their luxurious new home.

I’m sure Andrew and his team would love to know what you think.

5 responses to “Even the ponds get pampered at Ragdale”

  1. Caroline Hagard says:

    I cannot wait to see it. Am coming next week and had forgotten that the last few times I cam the ponds were being refurbished. I used to sit by the window watching Andrew and his team busily creating a masterpiece.
    Thanx for all your hard work
    Caroline H

  2. Mo says:

    It’s looking good and I can’t wait to see it. When will the project be finished?

  3. Joy Townsend says:

    Returned yesterday and the pond’s not far off finished. Looks lovely. Will be even better when the plants are more established and the fish are in situ.

  4. Maureen says:

    Thank you Joy. I am visiting in August and can’t wait to see the pond and the beauty shop alterations.

  5. Kate Hooley says:

    Cant wait to check it out tomorrow when I visit again. I saw it under construction in March, so will be nice to see it now. X

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