Energy For Life Week

Nov 02, 2011
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Monday 7th to Friday 11th November 2011

In these days of 24 hour living, we all need a little extra reassurance that it is OK to be human. Our catchphrase always seems to be “when I have time” or “if only I had the energy”. This week’s speakers are joining with Ragdale Hall to allow our guests to access different tools to help give them more energy for life. We hope that through this special week our guests will enjoy the education and take a little piece of energy home for those days when a hug is needed.

During this special Energy For Life Week we have lots of activities, talks, demonstrations, fitness classes, advice and treatments that are all centred around giving our guests more energy to enable them to deal with the strains of everyday life a little easier.

I have listed some of the activities below to give you a bit more of an insight into what the week is all about:

Tai Chi Energy Class with Les Kendrick

A relaxing and yet focused introduction to this gentle movement technique. Tai Chi is an integrated exercise system for mind, body and spirit.

Skin Energy Demonstration

Everyone would love healthy, youthful, beautiful skin. Find out about our favourite Clarins wonder products. Also, learn how to adapt your beauty routine with our great line-up of easy to use products that will illuminate and give you a flawless, radiant complexion.

Plus, discover what’s new at Clarins and get creative with our expert make up tips and indulge in a glowing new look this season.

Oracle Card Readings with Jenifer Taylor

Oracle cards give gentle guidance to different areas of our lives. In this talk Jenifer will explain how the seven cards you choose, correspond to your Chakras. Jenifer will also explain the meaning of each of the cards which can aid in positive decision making.

Healthy Food for Fuel and Energy with Scott Williams, Executive Head Chef

In between looking after the health and nutrition of our guests, Scott and his team have put many hours of hard work into the new Ragdale cook book, which he describes as a ‘labour of love’. Along with the expertise of the book’s editor Sue Ashworth and leading food photographer Steve Lee, the book encapsulates his team’s passion for serving over 200 spa guests per day, and their motto ‘healthy food, tasting good’.

Learn the secrets of how to cook and produce beautiful tasty, healthy foods. Our Executive Head Chef Scott will be your guide through some of the most popular dishes in the Ragdale Cook book.

Grab your chance to get your book personally signed by the creative team behind this culinary adventure.

Self Hypnosis Workshop with Dr Heli Ots

During this session Dr Heli will be discussing and offering techniques to assist with self esteem and introducing a self hypnosis technique that can aid when tackling challenges to your esteem, i.e. weight management, which can have a very disruptive influence on self esteem and those around you.

Dr Heli will also discuss the vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that are available, allowing you to have professional guidance through the myriad of products on the market.

At Ragdale Hall we do many similar events to our Energy For Life Week, and as we don’t charge for any of the special activities during the course of the week (unless otherwise stated), we feel they are a great way of getting fantastic value for money from your spa break. To keep an eye on upcoming events (you never know there maybe one that offers just what you need) why not bookmark our special events page.

If the Energy For Life Week sounds like exactly what you need, why not book one of our spa breaks – its also worth checking out our special offers page in case we have any late availability offers during this week.


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