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Jul 21, 2014
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I was lucky enough to experience the Elemis BIOTEC for myself and was utterly thrilled with the results. Due to my concerns with blocked pores and dull skin, I opted for the Sonic Skin-Resurfacing Facial which is 25 minutes and conducted in The Beauty Express.

The procedure begins with a thorough cleanse of the face which is a treat within itself (I just wish I had someone to do this for me every morning and evening) and then the application of toner. The BIOTEC machine is then switched on to perform the Ultra Sonic Peeling technique.  This is done with a spatula type device that has a jagged head and vibrates 27,000 times a second.  This device is gently scraped (not as harsh as it sounds) across your skin to unblock the pores and essentially peel off the top layer of your skin.  Although the machine does sound a little like a dentist drill, (although a lot quieter) this treatment is a world apart from a trip to the dentist.  Gemma cleansed my skin thoroughly whilst the peel was taking place, following the path of the ‘scraper’ with a toner soaked cotton pad.

The Resurfacing Activator, a serum that is ten times more active than any standard serum, was then applied followed by the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Mask. Gemma advised me that my skin would start to feel quite tingly and it most certainly did, this is the Activator working on your skin and after about five minutes, my skin then went really cold.  Light therapy is then used, first a red light for anti ageing and then for anti-bacteria and healing a blue light.  The treatment concludes with the application of an eye cream and a day cream.

My skin was definitely brighter and more radiant and there were clear signs of reduced congestion on areas of my face. You really can see instant results with this treatment and I would urge anyone to try it.

Carol Smith, who was the first guest to experience this exciting new treatment at Ragdale Hall, agrees with me wholeheartedly. Her treatment was performed by Cat, Ragdale Hall’s Elemis Expert and this is what she said about it…

“An amazing treatment. My skin feels and looks wonderful – and younger! Lovely therapist – the whole experience was wonderful”

Wedding Ideas Magazine also sent Jess Brown along to Ragdale Hall to try one of the Biotec Facials and this is what she thought of the results:

“The first thing I noticed was how re-hydrated my skin felt. It also looked fuller and softer. It definitely gave me a confidence boost. My therapist said a course of BIOTEC facials would dramatically change the radiance and beauty of your skin, so I would definitely save up and book a course of treatments before a special occasion.”

Read the full article here

Watch this short video clip which shows you all the different technologies the Biotec machine uses…

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