Easter gifts for women – gifts that linger in the memory and not on the hips

Mar 15, 2010
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Easter is fast approaching, so all too soon it’ll be time to pop into the nearest chocolatier to select a fabulous egg treat for your dear mum, aunt or grandma. But are you really doing them a favour by buying them a luxury chocolate treat – or simply storing up future trouble for your loved ones? Almost certainly the latter.

So this year, instead of swithering in the aisles between the treble-sized dark chocolate truffle special and the white chocolate extravaganza – filled with fabulous fruit centres – how about thinking out of the (egg)box?

Of course, it’s only natural that you want to buy a gift for the nicest ladies in your life, but it’s worth remembering that as their middle age stretches into old age, they’ll need all the help they can get to keep fit and healthy.

And, unpalatable as the truth may be, chocolate probably isn’t the Easter gift that their GPs would recommend for them.

Fortunately, most of us are now far more aware about keeping an eye or our weight and trying to get our daily “five a day” of fruit and veg – not to mention the recommended 20 minutes of exercise several times a week. And it is this heightened awareness that has helped raise the profile of spas and health resorts countrywide.

Spa gifts make ideal alternative gifts for women as a substitute for the traditional chocolate-oriented Easter offerings. Spa vouchers, for example, will allow your lucky chosen recipients to try out different wellness therapies and treatments.

Health permitting, your mum or gran might also like to take part in a professionally led exercise class or try out some of the fascinating-looking equipment in the gym (under supervision, of course!).

Granted, a spa treatment won’t leave a sublimely sweet sensation in your mouth in the way that a cocoa-based indulgence does. However, equally, the memory of a heavenly relaxing massage will linger on your mind, rather than round your middle.

This Easter, when selecting gifts for women who mean a lot to you, show them you really care about them and encourage them towards a healthier lifestyle by giving them the chance to experience the spa life.  You never know – they may even develop a taste for it…

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