Do you want stress free exams?

May 15, 2013
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Brain food, a calm environment and some gentle exercise is the perfect antidote…

Many households across the UK will find stress levels at a slightly uncomfortable level during exam season. Even the most organised of students, whether they be undertaking GCSE, A-Level or university exams will need a good support network around to help them cope with the pressure.

This is why many parents and guardians find themselves going on daily stationary runs, spending hours helping with revision timetables, making sure the studious one has all the necessary essentials, including a fridge stocked full of healthy food and offering words of encouragement when things get tough.

Studies show that students will gain far better results if they are calm, well rested, take regular exercise and eat healthily – what better way to ensure this is the case than a pre-exam pep up with our Mother & Daughter Spa Day

Once the final exam is sat, you may also find a short break away would do the bond between you and your youngster the world of good. After all, these special bonds can be put to the test during this stressful time. The Mother & Daughter Spa Break at Ragdale Hall is the perfect way to nurture that bond; you will have time to talk about everything and nothing, laze by the pool, stroll in the gardens and let all the stresses of the past few months melt away during a pampering treatment.

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