Discover your perfect skincare regime with ELEMIS Skinlab

Jul 22, 2022
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With so many skincare products available, sometimes it can be challenging to know what your skin really needs, or what products to use for your best possible skin. Your skin can be affected by seasonal, hormonal or lifestyle changes which can further complicate finding the perfect skincare routine for you.

ELEMIS’s SkinLab skin analysis system, available in the Ragdale Hall Spa Beauty Shop, uses their state-of-the-art skin scanning technology to analyse your skin and offer a tailored skincare regime to maintain, improve and protect your skin.

The first step within the 15-minute service is to take a detailed 3D skin and facial map, which will provide six different viewpoints of your skin. These include views of (from left-to-right):

Spots – any imperfections in your skin, even those not visible to the human eye, are highlighted in blue areas

Wrinkles – even the subtlest of wrinkles are highlighted with green lines, which helps to identify areas to use anti-ageing treatments and products

Texture – areas of plumpness are shown in yellow, while dehydrated areas are emphasised through blue dots

Pores – the amount and size of open pores on your skin are shown in blue, often the majority of these will be around the nose and chin

Brown Spots – yellow areas reveal sun exposure, which can easily be limited by incorporating an SPF or SPF moisturiser into your daily skincare regime (yes even in winter!)

Red Areas – sections of your skin with acne, rosacea and even broken blood vessels are identified with blue dots

In addition to these six perspectives of your skin, the Skinlab can also determine your skin type.

After completing your in-depth skin analysis, your therapist will talk you through each image highlighting noticeable results and discussing aspects of your skin that you would like to focus on improving. Your therapist will then create a skincare regime tailored to your Skinlab results, enabling you to sample the products and explaining the benefits and active ingredients in the products recommended for you.

In addition to highlighting areas for improvement, the Skinlab service is a fantastic tool to monitor the impact your skincare has on your skin, for example the impact using SPF daily could have on reducing signs of sun exposure. By having a Skinlab analysis on every visit to Ragdale Hall Spa, you can not only receive professional advice on products for your skins needs at the time, but also monitor the ongoing improvements to your skin as a result of a personalised skincare routine.

Experience the ELEMIS Skinlab for yourself on your next visit, a £10 booking fee is redeemable against 2 or more ELEMIS products purchased.

4 responses to “Discover your perfect skincare regime with ELEMIS Skinlab”

  1. Lorraine Blake says:

    I am very keen to book this on our visit to Ragdale. We arrive on sunday 31st july for 2 nights. Thank you

    • Ragdale Hall Spa says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      If you give our Beauty Shop a call on 01664 434411 ext. 303, they will be able to book this in for you.

      Kind regards,
      Ragdale Hall Spa

  2. Anne Maskell says:

    I’m also interested, but not coming until 26/09. Will it still be available?

    • Ragdale Hall Spa says:

      Hi Anne,

      Yes this will still be available. If you would like to book in for when you visit in September, please do give our Beauty Shop team a call on 01664 434411 ext. 303.

      Kind regards,
      Ragdale Hall Spa

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