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Sep 25, 2013
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What do women want?

This question has bamboozled men since they began to walk upright and stopped beating each other with clubs – but it’s still a problem without a real solution.

Even Hollywood has tried its best to answer the question.

In the 2000 film What Women Want, Mel Gibson’s chauvinistic character gains the ability to hear what women really think behind the make-up and forced grin.

Predictably, Gibson’s character falls in love with the leading lady and his “gift” deserts him, but not before he is furnished with a slight appreciation of what it is women might want from their other half.

Here at Ragdale Hall, we don’t claim to know what every woman wants – but a relaxing spa break is almost certainly near the top of the list.

Consequently, for any man who is struggling to work out the complexities of his woman, why not give it a rest for a while and simply treat her to a luxurious slice of relaxation at Ragdale?

We offer innovative holistic therapies and spa treatments designed to recharge and rejuvenate, and we boast some of the finest fitness facilities in the UK.

And although men may be from Mars and women from Venus, our spa breaks and spa holidays are guaranteed to take both of you to a different planet!

If this sounds like the kind of thing you or your woman might want, get in touch with our reservations team and book up today …

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