May 11, 2011
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If like the rest of the UK, you are finding your pile of spare pennies slowly getting smaller and smaller, why not opt for a cheaper alternative than an expensive two week holiday abroad? Not only is a daycation way down there on the stress

Alton Towers

level o-meter compared to a two week holiday (passports, luggage, airports, travel insurance, new wardrobe, sun cream, someone to look after the pets, cancelling papers and milk etc. etc.) it is also a way of making your very own contribution to the UK travel/tourism market during these tough economic times.

There are many types of daycation to consider, whether it be an action packed theme park adventure for all the family, an educational visit to a castle, museum or art gallery or maybe a spa day for some totally relaxing me-time to share with someone special.

So instead of the extensive to-do list as above, all you need for a daycation is a couple of friends or family members, a picnic or a swimsuit and directions to your daycation location.

Also the beauty of daycations is the fact that you can have more than one or two a year, so why not try one of each of the suggestions above every couple of months to help balance out your family time and me-time by including special days out and building up those fond unforgettable moments together throughout the year.

If a spa daycation sounds like your sort of thing, we have some fantastic spa days available at Ragdale Hall.

Harlech Castle

Ragdale Hall

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