Dancing down at the spa

Dec 08, 2010
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If you’re already suffering withdrawal symptoms at the very thought of having to do without your weekly dose of dancing, put luxury spa Ragdale Hall’s forthcoming dance event at the top of your Christmas list.

This innovative three-night break is being offered from Thursday 17th-Sunday 20th February 2011, and will give you the chance to try out some of those sultry strictly dance moves for yourself, as you get into shape for the rest of the year.

The event is the brainchild of Ragdale’s Fitness Expert, Dean Hodgkin, who was one of the developers behind popular dance fitness programmes such as City Jam and Rock Star.

Dean considers dance to be one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to tone up. In his words: “Not only will dancing burn calories, increase your flexibility and improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs, it’s a great way to push the fun factor sky high and so relieve the boredom of pure fitness-for-fitness-sake pursuits. If you enjoy an activity you are much more likely to stick at it and see the results you desire, so this could be your best route yet to the body you know you deserve.”

Dance is a firm favourite with UK spa guests – hence the profusion of workouts currently offered at health resorts up and down the country. Bearing fun names such as Hot Salsa Fit, Pom Pom, and Bravo Broadway, they are all guaranteed to stir even the most slothful of sloths into springing up off the sofa and wanting to dance, dance, dance…

From the 17th-20th February, guests will be able to “take to the floor” and try out activities such as Ballroom Blitz and Fame (with moves inspired by the eponymous film, TV series and West End show) – not to mention “Thriller” (a Michael Jackson-inspired spooky spa experience).

For those definitely not of a delicate disposition, this energetic spa break will also feature a rather risqué Chair Dance workout (burlesque dancers beware!). And as if all that weren’t already enough, Ragdale will be launching their first Zumba class.

It won’t all be hard work though, as guests will also have the opportunity to relax and be pampered during their stay, sampling the delights of Ragdale Hall’s unique Thermal Spa, pools, relaxation areas and other classes and activities.

Does this sound like your kind of spa break? If so, start dropping a few hints to your nearest and dearest in the last couple of weeks before Christmas. Then, come February, get ready to rumba, or samba or salsa or tango or whatever… In the words of the charismatic Lady Gaga: “Just dance.”

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