Dance classes in demand at spas and health resorts

Mar 26, 2009
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Recent images of celebrity TV and sports stars tripping the light fantastic each Saturday night on Strictly Come Dancing have thrust the joys of dance firmly into the public domain.

And it’s not just ballroom dancing that’s raising the profile of dance nationwide. Much pilloried in some quarters, pole-dancing has also attracted its fair share of public attention, tempting a generation of new dance fans to take to the pole – or at least to the floor of their local dance studio.

According to a recent Foresight report, 90% of today’s children will be obese adults by the year 2050 – a shocking statistic which sparked the introduction of the Government’s “Change4Life” strategy to promote the “eat well, move more, live longer” message.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson is reported as having said that modern life is “killing us”, and spoke of creating a “dance working group” after discovering that John Sergeant lost two stone during his 10-week stint on Strictly.

As high-profile public awareness campaigns urge the public – old and young – to prise themselves from their TV or computer screens and increase their levels of activity, dancing is undoubtedly becoming one of the most popular ways of keeping fit – and shedding those stubborn pounds.

So, with obesity levels already weighing heavily on the public purse, the Government will no doubt be watching with delight as the numbers of lycra-clad UK spa goers and gym members participating in some form of “dancercise” continues to rise.

Demand for dance-based exercise classes at spas and health clubs is certainly soaring at the moment.

Indeed the quest for fitness has seen dance classes becoming, for many, an essential ingredient of any spa experiences, with their health spa day simply not complete without an invigorating Pom Pom Workout or Sinatra Swing session.

Once the preserve of essentially sedentary beauty treatments, modern-day healthspas are fast becoming a Mecca for dance fitness enthusiasts.

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