Cupping comes to Ragdale

Aug 18, 2016
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At Ragdale Hall we’re constantly striving to keep ahead of the game when it comes to the latest innovations in anti-ageing treatments, although we’re doing quite the reverse with our latest addition.

Our new Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment which launched earlier this month and is already proving a big hit with our guests, includes the ancient art of ‘cupping’ which has been practised in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years.

Cupping has made a huge comeback with many Rio 2016 Olympians using the method to prepare themselves for the games.  In case you had been wondering what the big bruises are all about, this is the result of cupping.  Small cups are placed on the skin in problem areas and when removed the suction helps to eliminate toxins, relieve stress and stimulate blood circulation.

The cupping method used in the Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment is much gentler than that used on athletes, as it is the face being treated.  It does, however, still have the same effect (minus the bruises!)

The whole treatment is based on the traditional principles of Chinese medicine and begins with a thorough consultation, followed by the application of fine acupuncture needles to the areas of concern.  The needles remain in place whilst you enjoy a unique anti-ageing massage using a massage roller, followed by a relaxing drainage massage using cupping.

This 50-minute treatment is a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery as it helps increase collagen production to refine lines and wrinkles, as well as lifting, firming and toning the contours of the face and neck.  The treatment will restore your skin’s natural tone and leave you with a youthful radiant glow, and what’s more it’s currently available at a special price of £74 (normally £79).  Offer ends 31st October 2016.

If anti-ageing is not your concern, or you don’t fancy the sound of cups and needles, our new Hypno-Reiki treatment is the perfect way to restore inner peace and balance your mind and body using a combination of hypnotherapy and Reiki.

This is a deeply relaxing therapy and perfect for anyone who is suffering from stress.  The methods used will help to release tension and anxiety on a deeper level.

This 50-minute treatment also comes with a special launch price of £71 (normally £79).  Offer ends 31st August 2016.

Visit our website for more information on Cosmetic Acupuncture or Hypno-Reiki

If you are visiting soon and would like to book either of these treatments, please call our Treatments Advice Line on 01664 433043

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