Jennifer Young – unique, specialist skincare soon to be available at Ragdale Hall

Aug 14, 2015
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Ragdale Hall is once again at the forefront of innovation in the spa industry, with the addition of Jennifer Young, a skincare and treatment range designed for people living with or beyond cancer, or those with highly sensitive skin.

Jennifer Young and Ragdale’s experts have teamed up to create a range of comforting therapies for those guests who have not previously been able to enjoy the rejuvenating and pampering benefits of our treatments.

The products used are 100% natural and organic and designed to soothe and moisturise dry, sore and sensitive skin and to help address some of the skin and nail related side effects which regularly occur when undergoing treatment for cancer.

Jennifer is a truly inspiring lady with a wealth of knowledge and many related qualifications.  She has worked directly with many groups that support cancer patients, having initially been asked by her local NHS hospital to help with the development of a range of skincare for those going through treatment.  She has recently written a book on the subject of dealing with the appearance related side-effects called Recognise Yourself – Beauty Despite Cancer, out in September 2015 (to be stocked in Ragdale’s Boutique).

Jennifer Young’s skincare range will also be available to purchase in the Beauty Shop.

Guests will be able to choose from the following treatments, the first time offered at any UK spa, from 1st October:

Jennifer Young Gently Calming Facial, 50 mins £60

Jennifer Young Comforting Body Massage, 50 mins £62

Jennifer Young Indulgent Journey (all in one treatment), 75 mins £75

Jennifer Young Gently Soothing Manicure, 50 mins, £49

Jennifer Young Gently Soothing Pedicure, 50 mins, £49

The treatments will bring harmony to the most sensitive skin.

Jennifer herself spent some time at the Hall in September to train our therapists when she invited some ladies from a local cancer support group to be models.  Here’s what they had to say following their Jennifer Young treatments:

“During the chemotherapy stage of my cancer journey, there was nowhere to go and relax and be pampered when I needed it the most.  It’s amazing to find a product that is actually safe for cancer patients and a spa that isn’t afraid to pamper them.

“The Jennifer Young products are gorgeous, they really sunk into my skin leaving it lovely and soft and the massage drastically improved my circulation too.” Lorraine

“It’s nice to know there is a spa happy to let their therapists treat you in the sane way as all their other guests.” Heather

“I’m amazed my constant pain has subsided after the massage I received today.  Reiki is the only way I have achieved this in the past.

“Thank you Jennifer Young for putting in the time and effort to develop a range of products for people like me, for passing on your knowledge to others and for training therapists like those at Ragdale Hall to deliver such wonderful, safe massages.” Rose

“I used to enjoy regular massages before my diagnosis but until today had not had one for four and a half years. 

“It’s so nice to be touched by someone in a pleasant way for positive reasons again.” Sue

“I have felt quite stressed for a couple of weeks now, but after my treatment I feel more relaxed, my headache has gone and my neck is more mobile.

“It’s wonderful that ladies with cancer will be able to enjoy body treatments now, and not feel abnormal or different.

“I can’t wait to attend a spa day with my friends and not be excluded when it comes to treatment time.” Margaret

7 responses to “Jennifer Young – unique, specialist skincare soon to be available at Ragdale Hall”

  1. Valerie Perry says:

    Please send more info I would like to visit in November possibly on a good housekeeping break. I have breast cancer, no lymph glands in right arm and secondary liver lung & bone cancer. I cope well with all of this & understand some facilities would be excluded. A special treatment range is of great interest

  2. Hi Valerie
    Thank you for your comment and interest in Jennifer Young treatments. A member of the treatments team will contact you via email with more information.

  3. Judy Smith says:

    This sounds like a lovely idea. I am currently halfway through a programme of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, so finding difficult to fit my usual visit in between three weeks cycles and feeling well. I am experiencing sensitive skin on my face, so this would definitely be something in would be interested in and looking forward to booking my visit next year . Well done Ragdale again for being so forward thinking and recognising the needs of their visitors . You will always be my No1 spa to go to.

    Mant thanks again

    Judy Smith

  4. Di Lusardi says:

    I have triple negative breast cancer. V unusual response to chemo, meant it was stopped after one cycle. Fitted an overnighter at Ragdale into a tiny between this and radiology. Skin now v tender. Delighted there are organic, tested options on offer. Is the book available yet?

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Di, the Jennifer Young treatments are not available until 1st October, however if you have a visit booked from 1st October onwards, you may book your treatments in now. Call 01664 433043 to speak with the Treatments Administration Team.

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