Clarins Daily Energiser Range

Apr 12, 2012
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The Clarins Daily Energiser range, which is fairly new to Clarins, has been developed to suit young skin.  Here’s what Clarins have to say about Daily Energiser:

The range promises to boost radiance and vitality for glowing, healthy-looking skin.

It’s energising formulas hydrate, protect and minimise minor imperfections.

It neutralises the effects of pollution, late nights, fatigue and stress.

It’s created for young women leading active lives — in aromatic formulas for all skin types.

Stacey, one of Ragdale Hall’s Senior Beauty Therapists talks you through and demonstrates application and use.


Lottie who recently did a little bit of writing for our blog is within the perfect age range to test out the products, here is what she had to say about them:

“The Clarins’ Daily Energiser Range, comprising of a Wake-up Booster, Cleansing Gel, Cream, Cream Gel and Lotion was introduced to me and I was asked to test the Cleansing Gel.  Although only having used the cleanser for a matter of days, it is already fulfilling its promise to “recharge skin energy and revive a healthy glow”.  Falling just short of the targeted 18 to late 20s age range, I am still susceptible to the typical youthful facial issues the range aims to combat, and have in fact noticed an improved decrease in small spots and signs of fatigue. With only a very small amount of the gel required to produce a good lather, zingy morning extract and a stimulating scent which leaves skin feeling invigorated and revitalised, this is definately going to continue to be a firm favourite in my bathroom cabinet.”

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