Clair celebrates 25 years – and wants to help others climb the career ladder

Feb 08, 2016
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Can you remember what you were doing back in the summer of 1989?

Ragdale’s Assistant Personnel Manager, Clair Homewood, can; she was 14 years old and started her first ever summer job here at Ragdale, which was behind the scenes in the kitchen, washing pots!

Clair wasn’t put off by the rigorous staff training, which consisted of Ragdale’s then chef ‘coaching’ her with the words “you need to go faster”, and she continued to work here as a kitchen porter at weekends.

After a short break to focus on her school work, Clair returned in 1991 and worked part-time in Ragdale’s bar areas while she was at college studying for  secretarial qualifications. That means she’s now celebrating 25 years of officially working at Ragdale.

Clair went on to become a full-time trainee receptionist, then moved to an administration assistant role, before becoming an office manager, covering a colleague’s maternity leave.

That led to Clair moving into Ragdale’s Personnel team, where she found her niche and has been based since, developing further by studying for Human Resources qualifications at Loughborough College.

“I love what I do here at Ragdale,” Clair said. “I feel I’m at the right level and working in an area that I’m really suited to.”

Having experienced what it’s like to work in many of Ragdale’s varied roles, she feels she’s well-placed to advise people interested in working at Ragdale about what it’s like – and how you don’t know where the job might take you.

“I have been given lots of opportunities and it’s nice for me to be able to help other people progress here, like I’ve been able to”, she said.

In Clair’s years at Ragdale she’s seen many changes, including the expansion and improvement of the facilities, and the increase in the number of staff. Despite this she feels there is still a ‘family feel’ to Ragdale, adding: “You know everyone by name and feel you’re all working towards the same goal and we’re all contributing to something special. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Interested in being part of the Ragdale team? Find out more here.

7 responses to “Clair celebrates 25 years – and wants to help others climb the career ladder”

  1. Beryl Carrington says:

    Hello, I am currently training to be a Complimentary Therapist at Doncaster College, and was wondering if i could do two weeks training with you during the Easter holidays, I live in Gainsborough.
    Thank you
    Beryl Carrington

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Beryl, thank you for your message. We will pass this on to colleagues who oversee work experience and training for our therapists and they will be in touch with you.

  2. Caroline H says:

    What a really lovely post.
    Those who work so hard “behind the scenes” often can get forgotten but where on earth would we be without the Admin Staff, Pot Washer, Personnel, Laundry and all the many Departments many guests do not even realize exists. A great insight to how a fabulous spa ticks. More posts like this please
    Caroline H

    • Tracy says:

      Many thanks for your comments Caroline – we’ll do our best to keep bringing you the ‘behind the scenes’ news! Thank you for your kind words about Ragdale too – we’re glad you like it!

  3. Elizabeth Booth says:

    Following my last visit I received a brochure telling me of the introduce a friend offer whereby the total cost of a stay for two is reduced when a new guest is introduced to you. However on telephoning the spa I was told that no such offer exists or ever has done? I have many friends who I would like to introduce and it would be nice to receive some acknowledgement in helping with advertising and growing your business as other company’s do.
    Kind Regards
    Elizabeth Boith

  4. I remember Clair. I worked as a Beauty therapist in the early 90’s and at that time Clair worked in the garden bar. We used to go to the Garden Bar to get our Aromatherapy clients water. Clair was always chatty and friendly. So pleased to here she has done so well. Xx

  5. Caroline H says:

    I know I’ve already posted but I’ve jsut been to Ragdale and actually met Clair as she was on the Guest Liasion, so it was really nice to see the person who the article is about.
    It certainly would be nice to hear more about behind the scenes – I learnt some fascinating facts this time about the new Verandah Bar and the 24 covers that have to go on to the spa pool each and every night like an intricate patters. So interesting
    Caroline H xxx

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