Christmas ideas – pampering for parties

Nov 20, 2009
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You’ve been faithfully watching what you eat and religiously visiting the gym every day for weeks (although it seems more like a lifetime), and at last all your self-denial and self-control have paid off…

The zip on the back of your favourite “killer” party dress is no longer stopping stubbornly 10 cms from the end. So you’re ready to paint the town red, right?

Well, not quite. If you want to really make a statement at this year’s festive events, there are still a few finishing touches to sort out – such as manicuring your nails, highlighting your hair and bringing a healthy glow to your complexion! Fortunately, all of these finer details are but a spa visit away…

At any of the UK’s leading spas, a team of professional staff will be on hand to help you to make the most of your skin, your hair and your nails. All you’ll have to do during your spa experience will be to sit back and relax, as the specialists help you look truly radiant for your special occasion.

Each season brings a different look, and experienced spa professionals will always have a host of original Christmas ideas up their sleeves to help you stand out from the crowd at any festive gathering. By the time you leave your chosen health resort at the end of your luxurious spa day, you’ll feel completely relaxed.

What’s more, your complexion will be glowing and your hair immaculate (or windswept, if you prefer it that way!), while your perfectly manicured nails will complete the picture to perfection. In short, you’re sure to sparkle, whatever type of social function you’re attending.

If you’re not quite sure which image you want to project, your personal therapist will be able to offer up-to-date advice on the full range of beauty treatments available. With a wealth of Christmas ideas on offer, you can be as adventurous – or as conservative – as you please.

An indulgent pampering is simply the perfect way to complete your party preparations. Then all that will be left for you to do is slip into that stunning party dress – not forgetting to take a look in the mirror to admire the vision of loveliness that is you! – and you’ll really be ready to party!

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