Chocolate tax meltdown

Apr 20, 2009
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Few of us these days can be unaware of the perils of excessive chocolate consumption, but equally few of us are keen to renounce our chocolate treats – the truth is, when it comes to chocolate we’d far rather “chew” than “eschew”…

So what are the options if we want to continue partaking of this most palatable of pleasures whilst maintaining a healthy weight and physique?

Well, the good news is that modern technology has conjured up products boasting once oxymoronic names such as “healthy chocolate” and “therapy chocolate”. These sin-free specialities are available from a range of health food shops and spa hotels.

Restaurants in top spa hotels often serve delicious desserts featuring this figure-friendly chocolate, which means you can enjoy puddings with impunity while spending a few precious pamper days at your chosen health and beauty spa.

But before sitting down for dinner, be sure to take advantage of the full spa experience by participating in a couple of calorie-burning exercise classes, such as Hot Salsa Fitness or Hula Hooping.

Scottish GP Dr David Walker would certainly back the concept of encouraging people to take more exercise – be it during a special spa break or on a daily basis in their local park.  He has major concerns about the ever-expanding girth of the UK population and its long-term effect on the health of the NHS.

When he recently proposed a motion at the recent BMA conference in Clydeside, calling for a tax on chocolate, cocoa bean aficionados the length and breadth of the UK held our breath in disbelief and horror. So subsequent news of the motion’s (albeit narrow) defeat was sweet, sweet music to our ears.

Trained food scientist and nutritionist Dr Walker was disappointed by the outcome of the vote, however. In his view, action is urgently required to tackle what he refers to as an “explosion of obesity and related medical conditions, like type 2 diabetes”.

Dr Walker explained, “I see chocolate as a major player in this, and I think a tax on products containing chocolate could make a real difference.” Under his proposal, the NHS would use income generated by taxing chocolate products to deal with obesity-related health problems.

Here’s hoping that the arrival at spas in the UK of healthy chocolate might just melt the heart of the good doctor…

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