Celebrate your exam results

Aug 09, 2017
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Reward your studious one with a chilled-out spa day!

If you’ve been supporting a relative, loved one or friend through their studies you’ll understand the pressure they’ve been under.  Wouldn’t it be nice to help relieve some of that stress?  Could the perfect way to do this be a chilled-out spa day at Ragdale Hall?

All those long hours spent sitting in a desk chair with eyes plastered to a computer screen, aching hands because far too many notes have been written and now results day is just around the corner, the nerves are creeping back in.

But, let’s not forget your role as well. Let’s not forget how many cups of tea you’ve made, or scrap pieces of paper you’ve had to clear, the reassuring conversations you’ve had and all those tears of stress you’ve wiped away. 

Surely a well-earned spa visit is needed for the both of you?  Plus when those results they’ve worked so hard to achieve come in, it’s surely time to celebrate?


Does the two of you enjoying a full day of pampering, lounging around in white fluffy robes, having girly gossips in comfy chairs and unique spa areas, as you put the last academic year well-behind you and prepare for the next sound like bliss?

With the majority of dates now sold out in August, book now to secure your preferred date in September (offer ends on the 30th!) for the Clarins Treat Your Daughter Day, we really don’t want you to miss the chance to spend some precious time together to unwind and relax.  We’re sure the memories you’ll make will be treasured forever (especially if they’ll shortly be heading off to university or starting their first full time job!)

Call our Reservations Team now on 01664 433000 to check availability or find out about our other packages.  Book a visit today and you’ll both have something special to look forward to.

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