Calling time on hidden calories

Jul 02, 2009
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If the bewildering barrage of conflicting advice published by alcohol experts on a daily basis has you drowning in a cocktail of guilt and uncertainty, you’re not alone.

With some experts reassuring us that a regular glass of red wine is good for your heart whilst others dangle the spectre of alcohol’s numerous nefarious side-effects, it’s difficult to know whether to grab for the Pinot Noir or the pineapple juice.

Whatever our views about the benefits or otherwise of the odd alcoholic drink, one thing that most of us seem to be blissfully unaware of is the high calorie content of alcohol.

A recent survey in the UK found that four out of every ten respondents had no idea that there were as many calories in a pint of lager as in a small sausage roll (hardly the weight-watcher’s best friend!) or that a humble glass of wine contains 120 calories – around the same as a sinful slice of cake.

Which is bad news for waistlines, especially if you consider that the concept of having “a good time” seems to be synonymous in the British psyche with an over-indulgence in alcohol.

Yet, we Brits are not actually as immune to the importance of looking after our health as the numerous newspaper headlines about binge-drinking might suggest.

On the contrary, more and more of us are watching what we eat (even if not always what we drink!), taking more exercise and booking ourselves in for regular restorative spa breaks.

And as the key to a healthy physique tends to start with what the food and drink that you consume, leading spas and health resorts generally employ the services of highly trained dieticians who create a selection of nutritious, well-balanced menus that not only taste good but also do you good.

The flourishing wellness industry offers a realistic and attractive antidote to a habitually unhealthy lifestyle.

Indeed for the price of a decadent night out on the town you could instead spend a relaxing afternoon at a luxury spa while professional masseuses and beauticians pamper you with a range of soothing beauty treatments and spa products.

And, even better, you won’t have a hangover to nurse the next day either…

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