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Jul 29, 2009
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The Internet may not (yet!) have the technology in place to administer virtual facials, but when it comes to buying beauty treatments and spa products, online is undoubtedly the place to be.

Recent figures from the US reveal that online sales of beauty products have increased over the past few months, despite the gloomy economic situation which has seen sales across all other retail channels turn somewhat ugly.

A study by leading American market research company The NPD Group, Inc. confirmed that the Internet – which gained one percentage point – was the only retail channel to experience an increase in the number of women reporting mentions for beauty products.

NPD Group’s research revealed that in the previous 12-month period, a higher ratio of women had spent more on beauty products online compared with those who had spent less on such products.

Here in the UK too, where spa breaks and day spa visits are enjoying a healthy demand amongst an increasingly health-conscious public, online buying is rapidly establishing itself as the preferred method of purchase.

Indeed anyone who’s in need of a little TLC themselves or who is left pondering the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, would be well advised to search for a suitable spa package online.

Nowadays spa vouchers can be purchased quickly and easily via the Internet, making them a perfect gift solution for time-poor people to give – and receive. And with a range of intriguingly titled beauty treatments and activities to choose from during a spa day or break, a spa gift is certain to be memorable!

A quick Google search will unearth a plethora of pampering possibilities and beauty treatments, some of which may even be on special offer. The key to successful online spa shopping is to identify the most reputable and professional spa providers and explore their sites further.

Buying spa vouchers online is simplicity itself – most leading spas have an online store where all shoppers have to do is choose the appropriate voucher value and purchase it via a secure credit card system.

The voucher will then be despatched either to the buyer’s own home address or directly to their chosen recipient (accompanied by a personal message if required).

And talking of personal… as everyone has their own idea about what a spa visit should involve, versatile vouchers make particularly good presents, allowing individual recipients the luxury of choice.

It’s up to the voucher-holder to decide whether to treat themselves to a Clarins Spa Detox Body Wrap or a Luxury Crystal Hand Therapy – or perhaps even both.

So if you’ve got a birthday coming up in the next couple of months, now might be time to start dropping subtle hints to your loved ones…

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