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Apr 09, 2014
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Our Pilates Retreat takes place on Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd May 2014 and this year’s programme has been refreshed with new content and sessions.

This is your opportunity to join a small select group, whether you are a beginner, regularly practise Pilates or have attended a Pilates Retreat at Ragdale before, our experienced teacher, Cherry Baker, ably assisted by Sheila Done, will guide you through a number of sessions to help you improve your technique and posture and learn more about the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of this type of exercise.

Feedback from the September 2013 Pilates Retreat

“Cherry and Sheila are excellent trainers and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

“Pilates Retreat staff were excellent, very warm, inviting and knowledgeable.  Classes were excellent too.”

“I attended the Pilates Retreat for a second time – excellent!”

Feedback from other Pilates Retreats:

“It was magnificent.  It was my first trip to Ragdale and will not be my last.  Cherry was absolutely brilliant.  I do regular Pilates and understood the concept of all the instructions, but Cherry made it clear for all levels.  If you are thinking of making it a regular occurrence, i would gladly attend.”

“The Pilates Retreat was very good.  I enjoyed the Glider session best.  Cherry was warm and friendly and I feel gave everyone equal attention.”

Cherry Baker, with over twenty years experience, is one of the UK’s most sought after Pilates teachers and presenters. As a busy mum of three girls, Cherry has combined lecturing and presenting around the country with establishing a flourishing Pilates studio near her home in the Peak District.

Over the last ten years, Cherry has specialised in core stability, Modern Pilates and back care and has been heavily involved in training teachers and midwives in pre and postal exercise.  You can find out more about Cherry Baker on her website at

Modern Pilates is a contemporary and updated approach to Pilates exercise designed by Cherry and two physiotherapists. It is a method of exercise that will condition and tone the body by working the muscles from the inside out, creating a stronger flatter mid section, improved posture, muscle balance, realigning the spine and improving both the function and appearance of the body.

It is very relaxing and stress relieving and really reduces tension, particularly in the neck and shoulders. Suitable for those recovering from back problems to keen runners, exercise enthusiasts or dancers keen to benefit from increased flexibility and core stability.

Not only will you be gaining an awful lot by attending the Pilates Retreat, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of Ragdale Hall’s wonderful spa facilities, delicious, healthy cuisine, luxurious spa treatments and the tlc of the staff.  All in all a massive boost for your wellbeing!

If you can’t make this Pilates Retreat we have another one later on in the year – Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th October 2014

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