Blow time on the world cup – with luxury spa breaks

May 11, 2010
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Whilst poor David Beckham is to be pitied for having his 2010 world cup dreams cut cruelly short, many of us ladies (and a good few fellas too!) would be only too grateful to have any excuse not to become embroiled in the international FIFA frenzy scheduled to kick off in South Africa this June.

Even now, the non-football-loving WAGs of thousands of UK soccer fans are no doubt dreaming up ways of spending as much time as possible away from home during what will inevitably be several weeks of obsessive viewing by their beloved partners.

Wide-screen TVs will spontaneously combust with over-use; houses and flats all over the country will reverberate with “helpful” advice shouted at players on screen and amiable (!) sofa-based discussions of the off-side rule with visiting fellow fans. And the quality of life for the long-suffering WAGs will deteriorate by the day.

Unless, that is, they too have something to look forward to – such as a few days basking in the football-free haven of a luxury spa, for example…

Several of the country’s leading spas have already identified the huge demand for a “great escape” from all things footie-related this June and have put together special offers for spa breaks guaranteed to help ease the pain of poor beleaguered partners of football fanatics.

If you’re not sure whether the concept of a two-night “Escape the World Cup” spa break really appeals, perhaps you need to think again!

Instead of football, think facial. Instead of man-on-man marking, think man-icure. Then imagine, too, a lagoon-like spa pool, a luxury sauna, leisurely breakfasts, lunches and evening meals with – crucially – not even the faintest whisper of football talk. Sounding more tempting?

Better still, you could plan your Escape the World Cup break to coincide with a game that you expect your partner to find particularly frustrating. That way, when the goals go in (to the wrong net…), you’ll be far away – relaxing poolside in a comfortable towelling gown or sipping an exotic cocktail in a shady corner of the wonderfully peaceful spa gardens.

So while your other half is busy plotting his sofa-based world cup campaign, you can relax safe in the knowledge that – for a couple of precious days at least – you will be blissfully ignorant of anything that’s happening at Ellis Park, Nelson Mandela or any of the other world cup stadiums.

Better still, the only green turf that you’ll have to contemplate will be the neatly manicured lawn surrounding your idyllic spa hideaway.

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