BIOTEC – the game-changing skincare system from ELEMIS

May 09, 2018
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Since its launch in 2015, ELEMIS’ scientifically proven (and multi-award-winning!) BIOTEC range of products has revolutionised the way so many of us care for our skin. It works by helping to increase cell energy, encouraging the skin to perform its key functions: repair, protection and turnover. So, whether you’re a BIOTEC expert or a new fan, we’ve listed a few fascinating facts about this game-changing skincare system…

1. It contains three skin-friendly acids.

The cream Phase 1 vial in BIOTEC day and night creams is designed to encourage cell exfoliation and turnover without abrasion, encouraging optimum absorption of the Phase 2 formula. It contains a trio of gentle resurfacing acids – Ferulic, Lactic and Succinic – which optimise the microflora of the skin barrier and clear the path for the Copper and Zinc actives in Phase 2, ensuring they are delivered deep into the epidermis for maximum efficacy.

2. It’s green because of the copper.

Copper is an excellent skin-healing ingredient, proven effective in healing wounds as well as in stimulating collagen production. It’s also responsible for the pale-green hue in the Phase 2 BIO-ENERGY COMPLEX of BIOTEC’s day and night creams. In fact, this unusual hue means that the copper peptides are still potent and active. Our innovative encapsulation process keeps these vital minerals wrapped up until they burst on contact with the skin to kick-start cell energy.

3. The day cream is proven to moisturise for 12 hours.

BIOTEC Skin-Energising Day Cream is clinically proven* to hydrate skin for 12 whole hours – that’s as long as your hardest-working foundation! ELEMIS has formulated BIOTEC Day Cream to deliver deep hydration that really goes the distance, because when your skin is happy underneath, your makeup will look fresh from the morning commute to a late-night dinner date.

*Independent Test on BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream. Based on glucose uptake test 2014.

4. It’s perfect for ‘interval training’ your skin.

Did you know that recent studies suggest that your skincare could become less effective over time? As much as completing the same workout every day will see a decline in efficacy, using the same skincare every day can lead to your skin becoming unresponsive to your chosen products.








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