Beauty treatments: talking facial to facial

Sep 30, 2009
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Many of us give plenty of thought to our face on a daily – and nightly – basis, adorning it with a variety of lotions and potions, but all the while sparing little thought for the facial muscles that lie beneath.

So if names such as risorious, zygomaticus and procerus are strangers to you, you should definitely become familiar with them.  They’re the facial muscles which control smiling, opening/closing your eyes and frowning respectively, and exercising them can help maintain skin elasticity and keep wrinkles at bay.

Your face is the most readily visible part of your anatomy, so it contributes largely to the first impression you make on people you meet.

Facial exercises are just one way of attempting to stave off the dreaded ageing process: another is having a regular facial. That’s why ladies – and increasingly gents – who have the slightest concerns about their complexion make a beeline for a beauty therapist for a facial pampering.

Facials are often performed in a beauty salon but are also a common spa treatment, forming an enjoyable and relaxing part of a full-day spa visit.

If you’re a newcomer to the delights of spa beauty treatments, you may not be quite sure what to expect from a facial.

Of course, you’ll have worked out that it’s something to do with the skin on your face, but your knowledge possibly stops right there.  If so, you may find this brief overview of facials useful. It could help you decide which facial treatments might be best suited to your skin.

Depending on which one you opt for, your facial may involve a variety of skin treatments, ranging from steam to exfoliation or extraction, and from creams and lotions to masks and peels – not to mention a gentle facial massage.

The many different types of facials on offer at UK spas mean that there is virtually a facial for every circumstance and occasion.  For example, if you suffer from oily skin, a 70-minute Clarins Advanced Facial may be ideal for you.

Drawing on the natural purifying properties of the Burmese Tanak Tree, this treatment regulates excess oiliness and helps reduce shine and open pores.

On the other hand, perhaps your facial skin has become dried out owing to the effects of stress and/or pollution. If so, a thirsty skin soother treatment could well be the perfect tonic.

Alternatively, should your complexion appear dull and lethargic after a long day working indoors, you might opt for a “Radiance” facial, which harnesses the natural powers of vitamin C and E-rich Kiwi fruit to boost and revitalise tired skin.

These are just a few examples, but you can visit the website of any reputable spa for a host of other suggestions.  And, if you’re still not sure which facial is right for you, why not ring your chosen spa for further information.

Once you’ve experienced the relaxing sensation of your first facial and admired your glowing complexion in the mirror, there will be no turning back…

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