“Beaut”camp – the ultimate spa break

Sep 17, 2010
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No matter how good our intentions and how strong our resolve, there’s always a sticking point in any “get fit” campaign. For some of us it comes on Day One when, having dutifully counted the calories of every last breakfast bran flake and lunchtime lettuce leaf, we cave in catastrophically and consume copious quantities of curry during Corrie.

Of course, there are other (more worthy) mortals who manage a week or more before hitting that “wall”. But rest assured – eventually they, too, will arrive at an impasse. This plateau is the critical point where you either give up or go on, and it happens even to the best of us.

Luckily for all of us, help is at hand in the form of a new spa break– the first of its kind – enticingly entitled “beaut camp”…

At Ragdale Hall Spa Health Resort, from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th October (i.e. three nights), you can enjoy a luxury fitness boot camp which combines a packed schedule of indoor and outdoor classes with a range of mini seminars designed to inspire and motivate you as you begin or continue your journey to fitness.

And to make sure that it’s not all hard work, there will of course be some indulgent pampering (that’s what spas are about, after all!), giving you the chance to experience a couple of beauty treatments to complement your weekend exercise regime.

These treatments include a 40-minute dead sea mud envelopment, to ease your tired but toned muscles, and a 40-minute Fresh Legs treatment (the gents can enjoy a refreshing Foot Therapy instead). You’ll emerge glowing and relaxed, and full of energy – despite the fact that you’ll be burning calories galore during your spa break.

So if you reckon you could do with some help to kick-start, refresh or re-start your fitness regime, why not get yourself and your wilting willpower along to Ragdale Hall where resident fitness expert Dean Hodgkin and his team of highly qualified instructors will help to put you (back) on the right track to achieve your fitness goals.

Better still, as part of this innovative spa package, one of Ragdale’s instructors will stay in contact with you for three months afterwards to make sure you stay on track!

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