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Feb 27, 2013
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Ragdale Hall goes beyond the final frontier with its latest workouts.

Ragdale Hall is again moving at warp speed in introducing BEAMING, a whole body, mentally invigorating, core-based session that promises to be an experience rather than simply another class. The name derives from the key elements of the programme – Balance, Engage, Align and Movement.

The cushioned BEAM, at 5 feet long, 6 inches wide and 2 inches high with softly bevelled edges, is designed to provide a reactive and dynamic surface on which you exercise barefoot.  You will challenge both your body and mind to develop through movements performed in walking, standing, sitting, kneeling and laying down positions.

Comments Fitness Consultant, Dean Hodgkin: ‘It’s such a simple piece of equipment yet it allows for an incredibly wide spectrum of balance, toning and flexibility exercises, leading to all-round improvements in fitness. Being able to deploy exercises from Pilates, traditional body sculpting and sport-specific formats (i.e. gymnastics) ensures our classes are varied and more importantly, are always fun.’

Alongside BEAMING, we’ll soon be offering Barre Training which is fast becoming a celebrity favourite. It combines Pilates, ballet, yoga and sports conditioning to form a session aimed at building stamina and endurance whilst increasing flexibility and slimming down the waistline.


Ragdale Hall has recently been voted ‘Best for Fitness Fans’ in the New! Spa Awards. 

They said: ‘Health fanatics will think all their Christmases have come at once with a visit to Ragdale Hall. This luxurious spa, hidden away in the Leicestershire countryside, offers fitness classes from yoga and tai chi to aqua toning and cardio splash, as well as country walks, tennis, cycling and croquet in the beautiful gardens. There’s also a fully equipped gym and whopping 25m pool for serious swimmers.’

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  1. Julie Bell says:

    Can’t wait to try this out. I have already booked my space on a class when I come in May.

    I used to do ballet as a child and am excited to see what this class is like.


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