Are you Flip Flop ready?

Jul 18, 2016
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The sun has finally arrived!  During these sunny months, nobody wants to be trekking around in trainers and socks. It’s time to go bare. We all know how important it is to have gorgeous, soft feet in the summer. After all, summertime is flip flop time. The only question is – Are you flip flop ready?

Although going to the spa and having a pampering foot treatment will give the optimum results, it can be very time consuming.  So, if time is something you don’t necessarily have a lot of, below is a list of our favourite and most effective foot products which you can use at home!

The following products which are used in our own foot smoothie treatment are guaranteed to get your feet flip flop ready!

  • B-Line Foot Rasp £19.50 – this unique tool is a must for removing any dead, dry skin from around the heel area and is easy to use at home!
  • B-Line Feet Treat £18.50 – a deeply nourishing daily foot cream. Say goodbye to your dry winter feet and hello to super soft feet!  This cream gets rid of dead skin by lightly exfoliating and smoothing the area.
  • B-Line Heel Appeal £19.50 – penetrates up to four times deeper than your average foot cream! The cream carries all the nourishing ingredients through the toughest parts of your feet, to hydrate future skin cells which causes a long-term benefit on even the driest of feet.  This product can also be used as a foot mask for that extra foot pamper!

All these super foot products are available to purchase from Ragdale Hall’s Beauty Shop or via mail order by calling 01664 434411 ext 303.

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