A policy of pampering – the perfect post-election panacea

May 14, 2010
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After all the weeks of constant campaigning, leaflets galore through letterboxes, and the rough and tumble of hustings as voting day grew ever nearer, we’re now all suffering from the after-effects of election fever.  And that’s just the voters!

As yet another chapter in Britain’s long and chequered parliamentary history opens, many of us are certainly more than ready to forget the stresses of the pre-election frenzy, and are keen to return to normal life without all the political posturing.

For electoral candidates – whether successful or unsuccessful – life will return to a more even keel and they can take things a little easier as they recover from those relentless, punishing hours on the campaign trail.

The truth is, though, that even without an election on the cards or a particularly stressful assignment on the horizon, none of us – neither the politicians nor the people they serve – finds it particularly easy to take things easy.

It’s certainly hard to relax when you’re stuck at home – surrounded by constant reminders such as piles of washing needing done or outstanding DIY tasks accumulating – or in the office, contemplating the countless challenging assignments that await our attentions.

What we really need, to be able to relax thoroughly, is a complete change of scene – a move to an environment which truly inspires rest and recuperation, and where the emphasis can be on doing absolutely nothing, if that’s what you so wish.

And what better place to escape the domestic drudgery and inexorable deadlines than the hallowed shrine of peace and pampering offered by the UK’s leading spas.  The healthspa environment is the epitome of all that is calm and serene – from blissfully soothing music to the relaxed comfort of luxury towelling robes and the complete and utter absence of urgency.

It’s no exaggeration to say that spa days can be the happiest days of your life.  Being free from the cares of the outside world gradually works its magic on even the most stressed of spa guests, as the magic of “pamper-power” gradually unleashes built-up tensions and refreshes body and soul.

Whether you’re an active gym bunny – never happier than when you’re spinning or rowing with gusto – or a beauty parlour poodle with a penchant for pampering and preening, spending even a day at a spa will leave you feeling more able to steer a course through the choppy waters of life and less susceptible to being buffeted by the winds of change.

Amongst other things, a soothing spa visit can restore your energies, boost your immune system and inspire you to a healthier lifestyle.  And if that sounds like a manifesto for the “spa party”, then that’s because it is!

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