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Jan 26, 2012
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We all exercise in different ways, what motivates and excites one person, may instill utter fear and dread into another. It is actually believed by the ancient Hindu system of Ayurveda that types of exercise are only compatible with certain people, depending on their life-energy type.

So if the thought of a lone workout in the gym bores you to tears and you feel that yoga is only for spiritual beings, but don’t know where else to turn for your exercise, don’t feel bad, it’s part of who you are and there are plenty of other options available. If you choose the activities that are right for you, you are far more likely to be able to stick to the resolutions many of you have probably just made.

At Ragdale Hall we offer many fitness breaks ranging from one end of the exercise intensity spectrum to the other. If you’ve tried exercising in the past and it just hasn’t worked for you don’t be put off, you may simply not have been practicing the correct method for you as an individual.

In June and October this year we are holding our regular Beaut Camps, for those who want to combine a little bit of luxury and pampering with kick-starting weight loss and boosting energy levels. This event involves some quite high intensity exercise so is good for those who have a lot of stored up energy that may turn to bulk if they don’t do something about it!

And at completely the opposite end of the spectrum we have a Yoga Retreat in September. Yoga is a very popular method of keeping fit, with people of all ages and fitness levels. Yoga offers to strengthen your body and tone your muscles whilst also calming your spirit, something which is just as essential as keeping your body healthy, especially for people who find it hard to switch off from their busy work life. Yoga is best suited to people who prefer low impact exercise and maybe have a low reserve of energy and are fairly flexible. And of course Ragdale Hall is the perfect fitness venue for those of you who like to relax and take it easy due to the extensive spa facilities available.

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