A fitness kickstart for 2011

Mar 15, 2011
Posted in: Fitness   Posted by: Dean

Our annual new year fitness event drew record numbers this time around with guests sampling new workouts, most of which are exclusive to the Hall.  The many positive comments we’ve received strongly confirms that our aim to break the boredom of exercise and to put the fun back into fitness was more than adequately acheived.

Hot favourites were YOGABODY, bringing ancient hatha poses into the 21st century by adding dumbells, bands and core bands plus a little sports sciene to accelerate toning reults and SAMURAI, an intense format that marries traditional Japanese wooden sword techniques with high-tempo music to burn huge amounts of calories.  As a result, both of these classes will be added to the regular timetable from 7th March, so look out for them and give them a try on your future visits.

ABSOLUTELY FLABULESS allowed us to successfully test a new approach to helping you to reclaim your waist but, rather than a sea-change, we will filter these advanced techniques into our current Flat Stomach class, so you can now expect even better middle management from this session.  Similarly, the meditation in motion approach to spinning that we introduced in CYCOLOGY will find it’s way into our regular indoor cycling classes to bring you a much more effective and enjoyable experience.  ON THE ROPES proved to be a skip too far for a lot of participants, as the skill demands for this class are somehwat high, be we will be able to adapt some of the methods used, within our Super Circuit and one-to-one sessions.

Our Fitness Team wish to thank everyone who took part, especially those of you who were kind enough to provide feedback and they look forward to getting sweaty with you again in the very near future!

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