5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Ragdale time!

May 05, 2016
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The first ever Ragdale Hall app which was launched at the beginning of this year, has been a huge success and is well on it’s way to 10,000 downloads!  We’re delighted to see so many of you using it and interacting with the different features the app has to offer.  So far, the app has predominantly been used for short notice availability exclusive offers (no surprise there) and the ‘help’ function has been very popular as it allows you to chat to the team whilst on the go, however, we’re hoping that with the addition of a new Countdown facility, the app will be used for a whole lot more.

The Countdown is our latest ‘digital development’ and will improve the way we communicate with you prior to and following your visit.  The Countdown will send you regular notifications as reminders to book your extra treatments, see what classes are on during your visit, and even suggestions for what to pack.  It also allows us to deliver all the important information about your reservation straight into your hands, making your pre-arrival period completely seamless and stress-free (the way we like to do everything).

One of the reasons we came up with the idea for the Countdown is that so many of you get in touch with us via social media, telling us how many ‘sleeps’ you have left until Ragdale (just like kids do at Christmas!) so we’re hoping the feature will build the excitement and anticipation of your me-time!

To use the Countdown facility, simply enter your spa break or spa day arrival date.  You will receive your first reminder three weeks before your arrival, however our app development team are currently working on adding technology so you can see exactly how many days you have left until your visit each time you open up the Ragdale Hall app.

If you haven’t already, download the app and have a look around at all the features.  We suggest you turn on notifications for news to get an update every time we add something to the blog – and get all the latest Ragdale news delivered to your fingertips.

Download the app now.

2 responses to “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Ragdale time!”

  1. Julie bshop says:

    23 June 2016

  2. Jane Meara says:

    Am using app and getting notifications but just see the. Flash on screen when a notification comes, when open app nowhere to read them? Can you tell me where they appear in the app itself ?

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