2020 Fitness Trends to keep your goals on track

Jan 30, 2020
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With the end of January rapidly approaching (eek- where did the time go?!) It may be time to re-assess your 2020 fitness goals for the months ahead. We spoke to our very own fitness guru, Dean Hodgkin, to get the lowdown on the UK’s top five fitness trends to assess their effectiveness, and guide on how you can apply them to your own lifestyle.

Wearable Technology

From Fitbits to Apple watches, wearable technology is still very much on trend for this year. With many people having busy lives, they’re incredibly convenient, and the information these tools provide can help advance your fitness to the next level.


Unsurprisingly, high intensity interval training is a non-mover this year. This popular workout method is the scientifically proven most effective route to promote fat-loss, sculpting and toning your whole body. Whether you’ve been doing HIIT for years, or you’re a complete beginner, our timetable offers several different options including HIIT the Waves in the pool, HIIT wheels on cycles and 90/60/30 using bodyweight exercises.

Fun fact! We were one of the first facilities in the country to introduce the HIIT Mill, a treadmill-type station designed specifically for high intensity interval training.

Free Weights

This trend is growing in popularity as it gives you a lot more flexibility with your movements- get creative by incorporating squats, or making it into a sequence with different reps. Whilst our gym is well stocked with resistance equipment of all shapes and sizes, those of you who need help can opt for the weight training classes. Beyond simply picking things up and putting them down, these classes are creatively designed to challenge and entertain in equal measure. From weight loss to healthy ageing and injury recovery to sports performance, resistance training is the proven all-in-one elixir.

Make sure to keep checking your form- we suggest getting one of our friendly and qualified trainers to spot check you.

Group Training

Do you struggle to find the motivation when you exercise solo? Don’t worry- you aren’t alone! Group training has been a fixture on our timetable for many years and we continue to stay ahead of the curve by introducing innovative classes to provide our guests with much-needed fitspiration. Our timetable includes up to 20 daily classes featuring popular disciplines, but also several themes unique to us.

Group classes are proving popular- so we do advise pre-booking with us in order to guarantee a space.

Personal Training

Still viewed as the ultimate route to achieving those ‘new you’ goals (and rightly so) employing the help of a professional to provide in-depth knowledge and a gentle push when required remains a sound investment. We offer themed sessions so you could spend the whole workout with a single focus on Pilates, or boxing- the choice is yours! Our team is widely skilled and will create bespoke workouts suited to your needs.

To view our upcoming fitness classes, please visit the fitness timetable, available here

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