Escape the Olympic Madness

Feb 17, 2012
Posted in: Events, Fitness   Posted by: Tracy

At the London 2012 Olympic Games, Team GB will consist of over 500 athletes and 1,000 support staff and with other nations bringing similar amounts of Olympic hopefuls and support staff with them too, not to mention the spectators and all the people going about their daily lives, our capital city is going to be very overrun with people.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson predicts there will be little disruption to transport during London 2012, hmmmm whether you believe that or not, the ‘Games time’ months will undoubtedly cause a bit of pressure on those of you who live or work in or around London.

If you are nervously anticipating a gridlocked capital, manic tube stations, chaos at airports, train stations and bus stops, wouldn’t it be better to leave it all behind and escape to peaceful Leicestershire?

Like Team GB, who aim to be the best prepared, best equipped and best supported team, why don’t you do the same and prepare yourself by booking a spa break, equip yourself with some swimwear and minimal essentials, get some support by way of a friend or loved one and get yourself down to Ragdale Hall in peaceful Leicestershire to Escape the Olympic Madness?

You can also check out this great website for information on travel during the games –


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